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You prefer entrepreneurial employers, who emphasize creativity and innovation. This company values the achievement of high performance and a good reputation.
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As with any organisation and their values, the values you choose say a lot about you as a person. They help describe in as few words as possible what you feel is most important. This gives the company a better idea of your preferences.
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You are looking for a challenging and innovative work environment where great ideas are more important than job titles. Employees at this company are reliable and like a clear set of rules.

Our culture

Strengthening our Ownership Culture is a key element in achieving our strategic targets for the company. We encourage every individual to give his or her best to support Siemens’ long-term success. This means focusing on results, innovating and winning in the markets in which we compete at the same time maintaining a high level of integrity and care for each individual. In particular, we are seeking people who have the courage to lead by inspiration and empowerment and who seek out diversity of experience, thought and expertise in the people they work with. We encourage an open and collaborative work environment in the more than 200 countries in which we operate.

Above all, we want each employee to act as if Siemens were their own company. We are looking for employees eager to take over responsibility, for their work, for their careers, and for society as a whole. Also, we encourage each employee to also become a shareholder through our employee share purchase plans. This way he or she shares in the long term success of the company.

We recognize that the ownership culture does not yet exist to the full extent we aspire to in all parts of our company and we are looking for change agents to help us get there. Find out if you could be one of the change agents we seek.

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What we do

If you really want to make a difference – make it with us.

We make a real difference to the way people live. As a world leader in developing and producing the most advanced engineering technologies, we improve lives and further human achievements worldwide, while also protecting the climate – all thanks to our employees. Working with us, you have the foundation to develop personally and professionally. We give you the chance to do something meaningful, that benefits society and human progress. We give you the chance to make a difference.

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