About CompanyMatch and our journey

CompanyMatch was founded in 2014 by Bjorn Veenstra, who was inspired by his own hiring experiences to create a platform that values Company Fit as much as Job Fit in achieving hiring success. Today, CompanyMatch is a leading technology and data-driven platform for talent and employers to meet and match based on Company Culture preferences. Our mission is to help people find the Company Culture they'll love, which we believe leads to greater happiness and the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

What does it take to attract talent? 95% of all job ads are not even being looked at... Now that’s a serious waste of your time and recruitment budget. We think the solution lies in a better understanding of your audience's needs and expectations. During their (latent) search for a new working environment talents wants to be inspired by your company culture and they look for ways to identify themselves on important themes like: company values, growth, ambition, diversity and inclusion. Make it fun and relevant for talent to match with your company culture and you will be rewarded with great new colleagues and less recruitment costs.
Bjorn Veenstra CEO CompanyMatch
  • 2023
    EDTech Globalizer

    Participation in the EDTech Globalizer programme

  • 2022

    Introduction of candidate opt-in to be contacted by employers

  • 2021
    Performance Dashboard

    Introduction of kpi & statistics insights

  • 2020
    Next gen matching algorithm

    Introduction & validation of version 4.0

  • 2019
    Partner API

    Introduction of third party platform API

    Target group matching

    Introduction of functional area matching

  • 2018
    Ambassador survey

    Introduction of involving employees to define a company culture profile

  • 2016
    Core value matching

    Introduction of value based matching

  • 2014
    Accelerator program Holland in the Valley

    Selected to join a two week start-up accelerator program in San Francisco


    Launch new name & platform entry into new markets: BE / DACH

Meet the CompanyMatch **team**

At CompanyMatch, we are passionate about transforming the job market through technology and data. Our team consists of talented individuals across research, development, and sales, who share our vision of the importance of Company Fit. We are dedicated to building a platform that not only connects job seekers with employers but also helps them find their perfect match based on cultural preferences. Join us on our mission to revolutionize the hiring process and make a positive impact on people's lives.

Bjorn Veenstra
David van Driel
Return True
Tim Herlan
Country Manager DACH
Assistant Regional Manager
Ad-Jan Janmaat
Developer Algorithm
Tame the python
Marc Beringen
Developer Algorithm
Matched Sealed Delivered
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Advisory board

With the help of our advisory board we are able to challenge our ideas, get in relevant feedback and sharpen our minds on our (future) roadmap.

Dr. Christoph C. Richter
Christoph has a strong focus on business strategy. He has worked for XING in different roles. Varying from SVP Business Unit ProWork, Director Product E-recruiting and Senior Manager Corporate Development. Before XING Christoph worked at McKinsey & Company. Today Christoph is COO and co founder of Humanitec.
Msc. Matthijs van Etten
Matthijs started his career with a master's thesis in 'Recruitment for Innovation'. Since then he is focused on setting up global alliances and partnerships for companies like Mr. Ted, Lumesse, SmartRecruiters, Usabilla, and most recently as Channel & Alliances manager at Boomi.
Luc Crols
Seasoned sales manager with a special interest in the field of HR and recruitment marketing. Luc introduced CompanyMatch to the Belgian market and now functions as an advisor and ambassador to the Belgium market. Luc is now Senior loyalty manager HR & FD Magazine at Nieuwe Media Group.