Working at Rabobank Financial services Netherlands Verified

Working at Rabobank Financial services Netherlands Verified

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The fit on Company Culture is an important part in the hiring process of Rabobank. Because people are happier, perform better and achieve more when they work for a company that aligns with their ambition and values. Do you fit with Rabobank?

Our culture

We want you to join us in our efforts to create a world where everyone has plenty of healthy food to eat. And a country where people are happy to live, work, and be enterprising. We are a group of people who want to be better people. Improve the bank and make the world a better place. We want likeminded people to join us. People who have courage, because if you want to make a difference in society, you have to be determined. And brainpower and resilience. We’re interested in more than just your resume; your mentality is the most important. We want to know more than what you do. We want to find out who you are, what your ideas are and how you plan to make them a reality. Rabobank believes it is important that employees develop themselves. That you grow in your work and in the direction of your next position. We invest in this with education, training, e-learnings, workshops, via coaching, a virtual career portal, you name it. We support your development and movement and look to the future together.

What we do

Rabobank is a bank that works for its customers and members. We are one of the largest financial institutions in the world, but we're still very involved at the local level. Our goal is to help customers achieve their goals. In addition, we aim to make a substantial contribution to the well-being and prosperity of people in the Netherlands and to a sustainable global food supply. We are a bank with cooperative roots. Everything we do, we do together. With co-workers, members and other organizations. We believe in building on each other’s strengths and making each other stronger. You get better results from working together than going it alone. Now and in the future. Rabobank at a Glance • Established in late 19th century as a cooperative agricultural credit union • With almost 2 million members, we’re one of the biggest cooperatives in the Netherlands • Active in 37 countries, serving approximately 9 million customers • Services include retail banking, wholesale banking, private banking, leasing, and real estate • Leading bank in the Food & Agri sector • Bank with a mission: Growing a better world together Our mission: Growing a better world together Rabobank is a social bank. Working for Rabobank is a way to make the world just a little better. In big and small ways, we want to help more people become more financially self-reliant and ensure sustainable growth for entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to improving our local environments and are also committed to addressing the global food shortage, step by step. Change takes time, after all.

Working at Rabobank

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